Beauty and aesthetic concepts are constantly evolving, and within this evolution, some techniques stand out. The Russian Lips lip filling technique is one of these innovations rapidly gaining popularity in the modern aesthetic world. Inspired by Slavic beauty concepts, this technique aims to give the lips a fuller and more lifted appearance. Here’s what you need to know about the Russian Lips technique for those who want to add elegant volume to their lips:

  • Definition and Overview: Russian Lips lip filling is a technique that aims to add vertical volume to the lips. It is designed especially to give the lips a fuller and more lifted appearance.
  • Application Method: In this method, lip filler material is injected into the upper part of the lips in small amounts and in a vertical direction. This gives the lips a more lifted and pronounced shape while maintaining a natural appearance.
  • Purpose and Benefits: The aim of the Russian Lips technique is to give the lips a rounder and more voluminous look. This technique particularly focuses on lifting the edges of the lips to create a younger and more dynamic expression.
  • Results and Duration of Effect: The effects of the application are usually immediately noticeable and can last between 3-9 months. After the treatment, the lips appear more voluminous and well-shaped.

Ideal Users: Russian Lips lip filling is ideal for those who desire more pronounced and voluminous lips but want to maintain a natural appearance.

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