Maintaining the skin’s moisture balance and vitality is fundamental to a young and healthy skin appearance. Moisture injection mesotherapy is a modern aesthetic application aimed at optimizing the skin’s natural moisture and supporting the skin barrier. This method is used to prevent moisture loss in the skin, renew it, and revitalize it. Here’s what you need to know about moisture injection mesotherapy:

  • Definition and Overview: Moisture injection mesotherapy is an aesthetic application aimed at improving the skin’s natural moisture balance and optimizing its hydration. This technique is an ideal choice for hydrating and revitalizing particularly dry or dull skins.
  • Application Method: Moisture injection mesotherapy involves injecting moisturizing substances like hyaluronic acid into the upper layer of the skin. These substances enhance the skin’s capacity to retain moisture, improving its moisture balance.
  • Purpose and Benefits: The primary aim of this application is to optimize the skin’s moisture balance, achieving a more vibrant, luminous, and healthy skin appearance. It can also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Results and Duration of Effect: The effects of moisture injection mesotherapy are usually noticeable right after the first application and can be long-lasting. However, multiple sessions may be required for the best results.
  • Ideal Users: Moisture injection mesotherapy is suitable for anyone wanting to improve the moisture balance of their skin. It is an ideal solution for those with dry and dull skin.
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