The unshaved hair transplant technique is an innovative medical aesthetic procedure offering natural-looking results and a comfortable experience for individuals experiencing hair loss. This technique does not require shaving the hair during the transplant process, allowing patients to quickly return to their social lives. Here’s what you need to know about the unshaved hair transplant technique:

  • Definition and Overview: The unshaved hair transplant technique is a surgical procedure that does not require the complete shaving of hair during the transplant process. This method is ideal for patients who want to maintain their appearance during the post-transplant healing period. After the hair roots are extracted, they are directly implanted into bald areas, leaving the remaining hair long.
  • Application Method:During the unshaved hair transplant, the transplant area is numbed with local anesthesia. Hair roots are extracted from between the hairs and implanted into bald areas. This process can be performed using the DHI technique. Requires a more delicate approach, as the implantation area may be more limited. This method allows patients to return to their normal social lives more quickly as it does not require shaving the hair.
  • Purpose and Benefits:The unshaved hair transplant technique is used to address hair loss and achieve natural-looking results. This technique speeds up the post-transplant healing process and minimizes disruption to patients’ daily lives.
  • Results and Duration of Effect:The results of an unshaved hair transplant can vary from person to person, but new hair growth typically begins within a few months. As hair shaving is not performed, post-operative care needs to be more meticulous. This method allows patients to experience a comfortable recovery and offers more freedom in maintaining their hair.
  • Ideal Candidates: The unshaved hair transplant technique is suitable for individuals experiencing hair loss and wanting to regain their hair. It is preferred by patients who do not wish to shave their hair or want to return to their social lives quickly.
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